Mar 1, 2016

The Monkey Year

It's a new year! It's MY year!

and... it's march already.

Way to hit the first quarter this soon.

Even my "scoob" has hit a year old. Bring it on, roadtax!
Before the month even started, I'm already running to the last zero on this month's paycheck.

Oh hail, adulthood and responsibilities.

As it is, I've been writing a lot less on this pad and more on the other pad.

Thus far, focusing alot on challenges journey and well just about every other trivial matters.

Since that pad mainly runs on anonymity among 5 people, it's hard to figure who's posting what, though of course there are different styles of approach. Good for you if you're able to distinguish us apart. Yeah, as I was saying, decided to put more of my focus on that pad and building it up as it is still rather "new".

So yeah, been on a few 30 days challenges since the end of last year, going through a few life transformation in terms of health. Gotta say, it was amazing. Learning to love the idea of working out. Instilling those exercises into everyday routine. Saw the changes, drop a few pounds, lost a pant size.

A definite fulfilling start to the first quarter of the year. Hopefully, for once, I'll be able to cross this "losing weight/maintaining weight" off my imaginary bucket list for the year of 2016.

Time to say goodbye to procrastination. And Hello, life changing experiences.

Till the next update! (2nd quarter of the year?)
- Rachel.

These last couple of weeks has been chaotic for work related matters. On one hand, I welcome these challenges because it allows me to test my limits and to find ways to push myself beyond the "No, I can't do this", "No, this is not my forte." etc.

On the other hand, to a point, I'm just genuinely exhausted. With the current push for new businesses and the travels. As I'm crafting this, I'm now in Sarawak, in the middle of work at 8pm and will be for the next few days before taking a next flight out to another country the day after returning from Sarawak.

Gen Y, I am. Because after these period of work that's only going to be settled in July, I'm going to take a break. Work Hard, Rest Hard. Many may say that I'm living the life with luck in finding a corporate job but bare in mind, even if you're in luck with opportunities, but if you can't hold on to it with effort to make it work, then no matter how lucky you are, you will feel you're just unlucky because of the lack of effort to put your heart into you work.

Not saying that I fully did put my heart into it but I'm still trying to adapt to the environment especially being so green in this field. I'm trying to find the love in the work that I do to make this opportunity successful.

On a personal note, because I lack shame lately, I'm going to gloat about being a year older. So, thank you for the wishes should I know you ;)

Have a great one! Luck and opportunities is of what you make of it. Don't wait for them to come knocking on your door. Go and knock on theirs. Cheers!

Rachel T.

Since it's a friday and things are pretty much done at the office, at 11.25am, I thought I might as well churn out some materials for the other blog as well as do a write up here.

The endless need to feel productive on a working day. This is me keeping myself in touch with the world as well and keeping up with my writing skills. Though over the months since thesis days, it has deteriorated tremendously. I still do write ups for work but I suppose the "language" of "Psychology & Science" differs a lot from the "language" of " Leadership & Coaching".

So, I know I have going on with the update of officially graduating in the last few posts, but yes, now it's truly official. Convocation, a day that marks the end of tertiary education and the start of a new chapter in the real world. The beauty and the nastiness of the real world. I guess, here I come. Oh wait, I already am. Darn it. 

To say that my social life has depleted since starting work is an understatement. Things I'd do to change that provided I was not so much of a homebody nowadays. Okay, okay maybe not depleted... not that I can think of a better word for that now but you get the picture. In the last month, I have been doing a lot of catch up's, along with a few little outings this month, so that's an improvement considering I was such an active soul back in uni days. I really need to start getting my hands back on volunteering work. Being itching to do something but time just hasn't really allowed me to with all the work and travelling. 

Excuses. But I need it. I need it to rationalize my own decisions. Or for the better phrase, to selfishly make myself feel better. 

2015. A year with a bad knee and an outbreak of allergy through the last couple of months. Status: ongoing, but improving. Tribulations of the first half of 2015. May the 2nd half show a brighter outlook. 

The doer alone learneth
- Friedrich Nietzsche

It's already April?!

Felt like just yesterday I updated this blog. Honestly, I thought the year has just begun and here we are, slowly creeping in to mid-year.

The year started out great, except for a little setback with the grandmother's admission into the big H but she's well on her way to recovery, so that's now a good news.

With that said, she is 91. A warrior that woman is. Just when we thought we'd have lost her over the pre-cny days, she came back fighting with strong vitals the next day. Now, that's my grandmother! I had so much that I wanted to write back then but I've lost that touch, bummer.

Moving on, good news just keeps on rolling. Welcomed a new born (First cousins once removed) and a new cousin brother in-law into the family. Congratulations to both happy couples! It's been a while since I felt like I was the young one of the family. It's nice to see a whole new generation growing before your eyes. How much things have changed over the last couple of years.

I am now officially mobile! Never felt better having to be able to say this. Someday, when I'm on my personal laptop, I might just show the world a picture of my "Scoob." Oh wait, it's already on my social media accounts. Heh.

Lately, I've been travelling for work purposes and honestly, it was amazing in the beginning. The ideal of everyone wanting a job that have you travel for work. It was fun, but the aftermath is just plain tiring. Not complaining. It's a whole new experience to be travelling for work and leisure. I get the opportunity to see more than just the tourist hotspots, so that's a definite plus side. Being able to see the "Wall Street" and "Downtown" of Singapore for the first time was astonishing. I found my eyes were glued to the infrastructures more so than apparels in a shopping mall. It was not as much an ideal but much more of aspirations to be something, or someone. Call it, revival/renewal of ambitions.

Excited to see what this found again passion is going to do for me in the next couple of months down the road. Hope the year's been good for you too. Till next time.

You will enrich your life immeasurably if you approach it with a sense of wonder and discovery, and always challenge yourself to try new things.   
- Nate Berkus 
Rachel. T

The start of another new year. It always boggles my mind how fast time flies.

Procrastinated a little on writing a year end post last week, so here's one to bridge the year end and the new year.

2014. In reference to Jul, 12th's post. Update.

Graduated University with an Honours Degree.
Officially a driver without her "P".
Found a Job.
Fulfilled a wish on the invisible bucket list: Treating my one and only Grandmother to a meal with my very first paycheck. Unfortunately my maternal grandmother couldn't live long enough for me to show her my milestones and achievement thus far.

I suppose that is as much as I can top to the list in regards to that previous post.

It was a great year. Never thought I would get to see the end of University. Most would think it's a given because well, it's me. However, that's just your perception of what I had portrayed for you to see.

"Nahh, you're rachel. The one that will graduate high school, university and find a good job."
"You're ambitious, that's why."

Stereotypical. When someone says that to me, it adds on to the pressure to live up to that expectation. So far I have, up to the point of finding a "good" job.

We spend our entire life trying to figure out what to do with our life, thinking we already know what we want to do that will make us happy but that's just the hardest thing to do.

After submitting thesis, all I wanted to do was take a good long rest, away from journals, away from reality. Just a few days into it, I was already pressured to find a job. And by that, "any" job. My parents were supportive in nature but yet there are times, they are "forcing" jobs onto my plate with the notion of "Just go for the interview".

That sounds awfully preposterous to me. I don't want to just go for any interview and then decide if I want to accept the offer or not. I think my parents were throwing jobs that I was "looking" for at me thinking I wasn't actively searching for one but I did, I was just looking for the "right" one that I believe will propel me further. Needless to say, graduating with a psychology degree in Malaysia restricts us from applying for jobs that we believe suits us because employers just won't take us as they are looking for people graduating with a certain other popular degrees that will probably understand that position better than us.

After a month of searching, I found "the" job which I've been in for 2 months now. One that I was looking other than clinical options which there aren't many to begin with. I believe 2015 is going to be an exciting year filled with opportunities for growth. Intimidating as it is, but it's all about adapting, so here goes.

A family friend, an uncle told me that my "stars are aligned". True, I too see that but no matter how aligned your stars are, if you don't prove yourself worthy of it, then it will all just go to waste.

I believe in working hard for what you want, although there are times no matter how hard you work, there are just external factors that restricts you, but that doesn't mean you should falter, instead stand even taller because someday, in some strange way, you'll get yourself there in one form or another.

Happy New Year, 2015.

Rachel. T

"New Year's Day. A fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced, and loved. Answers to be discovered and then lived in this transformative year of delight and self-discovery. Today carve out a quiet interlude for yourself in which to dream, pen in hand. Only dreams give birth to change."
- Sarah Ban Breathnach

Oct 29, 2014

Page 247 - Light It Up

When things becomes almost impossible to accomplish,
When life decides to give you lemons,
or When relationships/friendships aren't sailing in the direction we seek,
Will quitting ever be enough?
Will walking away be enough?
How often do we say the words,"I Quit!"?
Too often.
More often than not, we say it too easily.
Sometimes, out of frustration.
What is life without challenges and obstacles?
What is life satisfaction without hardwork and sweat?
This isn't about accomplishing goals or crossing something off your resolution.
This is about finishing what you have started.
Who says life is like a math problem with only one solution?
4 x 3 = 12, but 6 x 2 is also equivalent to 12.
If one method doesn't work, then try taking another method.
Perhaps this method will not have a remainder at the end of the problem.
Why say those words,"I Quit!" so easily?
If you are not happy with life, find a way.
Taking yourself out of the equation won't make you any happier than you would hope.
There is no shortcut to happiness neither does miracles happen overnight.
Everytime you say the words "I Quit!", ask yourself this,
"Why did I start this in the first place?"
Nobody said the process to the top was an easy ride,
but if you can't even push through this battle,
what other battles do you think can push through in life then?
Good things in life don't come easy. Fight for it.
Then proudly tell the world, you earned it with pride.
Walk down that road,
Conquer that battle,
Then tell your story.
A story that you can be proud of.
"The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people."
- Randy Pausch
p/s A repost of a post that I wrote via (Do check it out for more frequent updates as I will be writing more on the other site alongside a couple of friends!)
Rachel. T

A 6 months hiatus.

Wow. So much has happened since the last post at the end of 2013.

As I said in the previous post, this year I will not be listing goals to achieve but rather listing achievements as I progress.

Ended Thesis Part I. Began Thesis Part II.

Ended being a probational driver. Now an official driver!

Ended my very last class for this semester and for Bachelor’s Degree!

Now heading on full force with preparation for the final of final examinations and the completion of Thesis Part II in a month’s time.

By then, I will officially be a full fledge degree holder! Well, not till convocation, that is.

I really am going to miss university days.

A period where your social network is at its peak.

A period of self discovery.

A period of self enhancement.

Endless nights of sleep. I really am going to miss you too.

Deadlines. Online Discussions. Group Discussions. Running all over campus.

I believe I have learnt a lot during these past 6 months.

I have definitely matured a lot more during these 6 months.

Wow. them memories.

I will leave you all with this. Will write more about life in University after the end of Thesis II!

Till then, farewell!

Rachel. T

“The turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover the core of strength within you that survives all hurt.”
– Max Lerner

Last post for the year.

Resolutions, of which I will not make for 2014 as I did for this year. Surprisingly, the outcome exceeded my own expectations of my achievements. As I have mentioned prior, sometimes not having a plan isn’t such a terrible thing as with not setting a resolution. Personally, it allows me to explore beyond any walls and with freedom of expectations. I do not have to worry about achieving it because I did not set any goals and with that said, I achieved more that I would have ever did with goals set prior. In a nutshell, this is just my very own opinion. It is up to you to decide what you set out to do in 2014. I am only saying, take a risk. A self discovery. If I were to write a resolution, it would be to have no resolution. A walk down memory lane. Highlights of 2013 in pictures. I do believe words are not needed :)




429807_10151706022141264_579226492_n IMG_1425

My first emcee gig







IMG_2307 539702_10151675157902830_760875654_n

IMG_2475  1236675_10201856473632694_1196499896_n







Run For Peace




IMG_4481  1385178_10201051565627347_1012948387_n

923037_10151714558442467_985035748_n IMG_4531


World Mental Health Day Finale




Annual Ball


Christmas Celebration




Thank you for walking through 2013 with me.

Thank you for making 2013 a splendid year for me.

A year of self discovery.

What comes next?

No Resolutions. Just spontaneity.

Happy New Year!

- Rachel. T